Inspired by Behind the Lines: Malcolm Coward

Malcolm, who was born in Malton, North Yorkshire, lives for his
painting and his animals, amongst which are Jacobs sheep,
geese, chickens, several horses, and three dogs. His travels
are reflected in his paintings and it is remarkable to see the
variance in light of the different countries showing through in
his pictures.

Malcolm has exhibited in many exhibitions in the UK and
been a guest exhibitor in France, Spain and America. He has
exhibited in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden and
Japan. His work has been reproduced in many prints and on
cards and two books.

6. Brew Time 24 x 18 OIL £895.00

7. Lunch Time 24 x 18 OIL £895.00

8. Waiting for the Reply 24 x 18 OIL £895.00

9. Study – Waiting for the Reply 12 x 10 OIL £375.00

10. Study – Brew Time 13.5 x 12 OIL £375.00

11. Study – Lunch time 13.5 x 12 OIL £375.00